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Compact Rugged Stroller

With space being a significant consideration when taking off on an Overland Adventure, compact and functional baby essentials are key to bringing along the comforts of home in a Overland friendly sized package.

A stroller can be an indispensable tool when traveling with your little ones.  Any time you leave your vehicle in an unknown area, you have to be prepared for whatever can come at you.  This often means loading up some emergency rations, clothing for changes in weather, and plenty of supplies to help take care of any baby needs.  A stroller frees you to carry some of this gear, and also provides a means for transporting some of it. Continue reading Compact Rugged Stroller

Protecting Baby from the Sun

Baby’s sensitive skin requires special consideration when exposed to the sun.  A baby’s skin is thinner and more fragile and therefore quicker to experience negative effects from exposure to the sun without adequate protection.  Any time you anticipate being out of the vehicle, you should preemptively apply sun protection to your baby (it is advisable to apply sun screen 30 minutes before expected exposure).  Unlike adults, even five minutes of sun exposure can lead to irritation of the skin and in some cases a sun burn on a baby. A sun burn can affect your baby’s core temperature, temperament, and can lead to having to terminate a trip early.  Luckily, there are many choices for protecting your baby from the sun and keeping baby comfortable.

We recommend some of the following methods:

Continue reading Protecting Baby from the Sun