Mini Overland Trip – 2011

We are fortunate enough to work for companies that have Holiday Shutdown.  This gives us around 2 weeks of time off around Christmas and the New Year, a perfect time to catch up on projects or go out on an adventure.  In December of 2011, we were hanging out at home one morning and spontaneously decided to take a mini overland trip after chatting about past trips.  We packed up the trailer with a few days worth of supplies and headed out the next day.

The destination was spontaneously set to start at the Bradshaw overland trail and explore the area there.  From the Bradshaw trail, we would head into Arizona and travel along the Colorado river and see all the beautiful sights there.  At the time, Riley was 8 months old, and her new awareness to nature made it a great family adventure.  We knew from all our previous trips that she really enjoyed getting out to nature.

The photo show below is a picture narrative of some of things we did.  It turned out great considering we didn’t plan anything.

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