Transitioning to WordPress

After several years using the Joomla Content Mangement System to run Integrated Overland, we have made the decision to switch to WordPress.  While there is much work to be done with this transition, we feel that Joomla as a platform has been on a decline and has limited our ability to keep the website updated.  WordPress appears to have a healthy user base and more continuous support.

Bear with us as we transition all of our content to WP from Joomla.  We have completed a full database migration of the core content, but some of the CMS features and structure are different and we have to go back and address to differences within existing content.  In addition, we previously used the Flickr system as a content deliver for photos so that they would load faster and also allow us to add a more significant amount of photos to our content without having to deal with bandwidth and space limitations.  The software we used for delivering this data is not compatible with WordPress, and we are trying to find a suitable alternative.  In the meantime, a good portion of those photo sets will not be functional until we settle on a final plug-in or software to fetch and deliver the content from Flickr.

It is our hope that this transition will make creating and maintaining content easier.



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