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Babies are wonderful little beings that change our perspective on life.  As parents, we want to show them the best of the world and raise them to be better versions of ourselves.  As adventurists, we certainly want to share the love for outdoor activities with our little ones, but that often comes with many questions.  Overland Baby aims to share our experience with integrating a baby into our travel plans.  A healthy baby can be a part of an overland adventure if proper preparation and planning is done.  We share the things that worked for us, the thoughts, the planning, the results, and hope to inspire you to share nature with your little ones.

Baby First Aid

Before heading out on any adventure, you should have a comprehensive first aid kit appropriate for everyone in your group.  This is particularly important for babies, as they have special needs and considerations.  Your baby first aid items should be kept separate but next to the rest of your first aid gear.  This is important because in an emergency, you do not want to have to search for the items you need or figure out what is safe to use on baby.  Our approach was to use a Ziploc bag of baby specific items, this is a good practice in general, and we have created several different scenario based Ziploc bags for adults as well.  With a clearly labeled set of baby items, you will be able to get to what you need quickly.

Here are some important considerations for your Overland Baby First Aid Kit:

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Protecting Baby from the Sun

Baby’s sensitive skin requires special consideration when exposed to the sun.  A baby’s skin is thinner and more fragile and therefore quicker to experience negative effects from exposure to the sun without adequate protection.  Any time you anticipate being out of the vehicle, you should preemptively apply sun protection to your baby (it is advisable to apply sun screen 30 minutes before expected exposure).  Unlike adults, even five minutes of sun exposure can lead to irritation of the skin and in some cases a sun burn on a baby. A sun burn can affect your baby’s core temperature, temperament, and can lead to having to terminate a trip early.  Luckily, there are many choices for protecting your baby from the sun and keeping baby comfortable.

We recommend some of the following methods:

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